Pedelecs, or pedal assisted bikes

As more and more people discover the amazing benefits of choosing an electric bike, manufacturers are taking note and increasing the variety of bikes on offer.

The two main types of bikes are:
Pedelecs, or pedal assisted bikes, offer a small amount of power to complement your pedalling, sensing and adjusting for your speed and force. This the most popular type of bike purchased as it is very easy to use and feels very natural. This is great for people without a lot of leg strength who want to experience traditional cycling. You must pedal to make use of the power, as soon as you stop pedalling, the power turns off. These bikes usually have a great record for a long lasting battery, as the usage of power is always at its optimal lowest possible level. These bikes look just like a regular bicycle, but with a small box containing a motor attached to the frame. You can even convert your own standard bicycle into a pedelec, with a conversion kit. A fantastic idea for people who have special or custom sized bikes, as it can be hard to find non-standard size E-bikes.

The other type of bike uses elective power, where you choose when the power is used by turning it on and adjusting the speed by turning a switch or throttle on your handlebars. Perfect for those times you just want to coast along without having to pedal and like to have control over the amount of power you use, especially when taking on a steep grade! Some of the newer varieties even come with cruise control which can be very helpful. These bikes are often a little heavier looking and resemble more of a motorbike, but you have all the same benefits of being able to use the pedals.
There is a lot of different scopes in power and battery types for this kind of electric bike, you should always check with your local authority or E-Bike retailer as to whether your elective power bike fits within the road rules and regulations of your city.

Within these two types of bikes, there variations in battery type, size, recharging time, and cost. It is advisable to get professional advice from an expert to make sure you are getting just the right electric bike and battery for your needs.

Why not jump on this exciting new future of cycling? Give it a go and you will understand why so many people are turning to the amazing benefits of electric bikes.