Electric bikes

The regular old push bike is often touted as a green alternative to commuting to work but it does have a few massive disadvantages associated with it as a mode of transport. First and foremost, most people would be adverse to turning up to work covered in sweat and smelling like dirty socks. Secondly, in order to facilitate removal of the first disadvantage one would be required to carry an extra change of clothing and have a shower cubicle at their disposal. And of course, you are going to have to leave much earlier in the day in order to achieve any of this at all.

Volto van

Van for deli very electric bicycles Volto

So, for most of the population push bikes are a no go operation as a green transportation option but there is one solution which will enable the energy conscious sweat avoiding commuter to have the best of both worlds, and that is by owning an electric bicycle. These are an excellent solution for many who live in suburban environments without the need to traverse great distances to get to work. While electric bikes nz do not have the same energy conservation power as a standard bicycle they are certainly only one step below them.

Electric bicycles nz are usually of the dual operation kind. This means that you can assist the motor with your own leg power which will get you further on a single charge. As you are not the sole means of propulsion you can relax somewhat and enjoy the fresh air without working up a sweat. Once you are at work you can get on with the day without the need to take a shower or carry an extra set of clothes.

Another advantage is that because you do have pedal power as an option you can turn the motor off and get your daily exercise on the way home where you do have a bathroom at your disposal to freshen up.

Silver electric bike

Volto silver

We haven’t even covered the other major advantage of electric bikes, which is one of cost. They are relatively cheap (compared to cars and motorbikes) and you don’t have a fuel bill or yearly registration to worry about. At the end of your billing period you would be hard pressed to notice any increase in your power bill from giving it a charge every night. In most countries you are also free to ride without a license providing the size of the motor fits within the guidelines.

There are many manufacturers making various models of electric bikes depending on where you are in the world but if you reside in New Zealand the go to manufacturer is Volto. They make a range of quality bikes specifically suited to New Zealand conditions which are an excellent alternative to motorbikes and cars for a variety of situations.